Now hiring.

President, Cosmetics. Duties to include oversight of material sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and marketing. Must have experience with corporate governance and accounting.

Vice President, Paint and Cosmetics Manufacturing. A chemical diploma is preferable. Experience with surfactants and scalable milling operations a plus. Must have basic knowledge of cosmetic pigments and toxicity. We are cruelty free.

Affiliate. Duties to include convergent colorful awesomeness in preparation for possible merger and mutual success. Must be hot.

Apply directly to:

Introducing Paint Machine Heavy Body Bodypaint with Flow Release and disposable palettes. Now with squeeze tube consistency and a surfactant additive for lining.

Try painting with oils on glass and you’ll see why Paint Machine Flow Release is the best. Paint Machine Clear Liquid Medium thins the product for airbrush or mixes with glitter and cosmetic powders for your 2.0+ tip gravity-feed sprayer @1PSI.

For the right balance of privacy the Paint Machine Curtain Booth is a half circle curtain at shoulder height. And finally, the Paint Machine Maul Stick(TM) is the latest unnecessary product for artists that don’t know respect.

See our guidelines on manufacturing for artists.

Industry leader since 2008.

Hi Angel, I hope you like my interpretation of your name. I know it’s not really your style, but 1000 topless 16 year olds are about to party in Moscow. Did you want to put your hand on that? For the Maiden’s Purity and other important things, not so much the sword waving. God Bless and Protect you forever and ever.

Do you know that until Grandpa Mark retires the City of Vancouver requires $10,600 to license a bodypainter to buy and sell? Does the Vancouver Bodypaint Institute (established 2008) know?

I’m so happy to officially announce that the Lagos International Arts Fund will provide the capital required to legally bodypaint fans for the Canucks game. Go Canucks!

The Vancouver Police and the CBC have confirmed they will respect the Charter Rights of Canucks fans on Georgia Street and have promised to uphold the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to allow non-sexual female toplessness during riots. So excite!

Hey Google, how do you say “respect” in Korean? This ain’t that.

JOIN US for the East Coast Bodypaint Festival in Yuan Shan, North Korea, featuring the BEST of New Wave Afro-Pop with the Glitter Zombie Ballet choreographed by the Johannesburg Hiplet Academy.

WITH pasties and our NEW ‘Sexy not sexual’ fashion line, black skin makes the color POP.

We sure aren’t here to compete, this is 3 days and nights of Cosplay and Music for Pyongyang to remember!

Hi Kim, you’re so wavy. Dad says we can’t play together because you’re black. I know, I’m sad too. I said that’s a BIG problem that me and Mom can’t stop thinking about. She loves you so much. Thanks, Praise.

So first I learn computers, then I put a nice, deep sub-bass under traditional drums tuned to synths and piano in a pop structure and then lift the vocals?

K. Cool. Wavy.